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The Right Archery Setup for Black Tail Hunting

Big mature blacktails are wise, cunning and very wary animals. They are definitely a trophy for any serious bowhunter who is up for a real challenge. Sometimes we return from a hunt with an unpunched tag, but sometimes we return and rejoice in success with memories that will last a lifetime.

I’m a firm believer in getting the job done with the right equipment. When it comes to big game hunting, a properly spined arrow with a razor-sharp broadhead is a must to ensure success.

About a year ago, I changed over from a very popular arrow brand which I had used for years to Gold Tip’s Pro Hunter series and equipped it with a 100-grain G5. I’m very impressed with this combination as it has proven itself in the field by taking down everything from big blacktail and mule deer bucks to the largest African plains game animals with complete penetration. Shot placement is crucial, but penetration is also needed to ensure a quick and humane kill.

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Getting Your Yard Ready For Spring

Its that time of the year to start putting out preemergent. Like Lebanon Balan comes in 40lb. bags and they cost around $34.00 and does about 4,000 square feet.What it does it keeps the grass burrs from germinating. Ten put fertilizer 16-9-4 with 5% Iron if it does not rain,water it according to the instructions on the bag or what the professional at the feed store tells you on your grass so it will bring the grass up so it will cut back on the weeds, grass burrs, if you sow, then in about 6 weeks put out the fertilizer you should have a  good stand of grass check with your local feed store they know what is better for your area.ALWAYS read an follow instructions as close as possible. Too much sometimes is only good for the retailer. You can tell where you missed.Can you tell how it works f you follow the instructions. It works if you make it have enough water, Just remember nobody is perfect ,

I would suggest to do it till you get what you want.



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Survival Skills

Survival skills just for backpacking? Why not? For ultralight backpackers like myself, skills replace gear, and therefore weight. If you spend any time in the wilderness, it also just feels good to know you can deal with whatever comes up.

Survival means staying warm and dry, hydrated, uninjured, and finding your way out of the wilderness. Of course, eating is nice too, but not crucial if the situation is just for a few days. Here are some survival skills you can learn easily.

Easy Survival Skills

1. Put dried moss or milkweed fuzz in your pocket as you walk, so you’ll have dry tinder to start a fire, just in case it’s raining later. Cattail fuzz works well too, and you can experiment with different materials.

2. If it looks and tastes like a blueberry, strawberry, or raspberry – it is. There is no berry in North America that looks like a blueberry, strawberry, or raspberry, and can hurt you from one taste. Take a taste, and just spit it out completely if it doesn’t taste right.  Continue reading

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Popup Campers – A Cost Effective Camping Solution

Camping is a great way to enjoy the outdoors. This experience can be enhanced by using a pop-up camper instead of tents. These campers can be rented for one-time trips, but can also be purchased relatively inexpensively. They are a fun way to travel and camp in your favorite outdoor area.

Popup campers are fairly inexpensive. New trailers can be purchased from $5,000 to $10,000. If you camp often, this may be a great investment. Check the Internet for local dealers in your area and shop for the camper with the features you desire. Used campers are also available. Most dealers who carry new pop-up campers (also frequently called tent campers) will also have used models available. Check to be sure they are in good condition. This may be the perfect budget solution for regular camping enthusiasts. Rentals range from $300 to $500 for a week or $60 to $80 per day.

Pop-up or tent campers are easily towed by many vehicles. Even smaller cars can handle towing a popup camper but be sure to check weight and hauling requirements before attempting it. You don’t want to wreck the transmission in your vehicle by trying to pull a camper that is too heavy for it. SUV’s and trucks are ideal for hauling a camper. All that is needed is a proper hitch to fit the type of camper and a hookup for the taillights on the camper. The dealer will be able to help determine the type of hitch needed. Another nice feature of a popup camper is that it has a low profile while being towed. This means it won’t obstruct your view while you are towing it.  Continue reading

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Duck Hunting

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Prescribed Burn Before an After

Burning is a great way to get rid of your evasive grasses and trees you do not want. It is much better than mechanical way like bulldozing because you will not disturb the soil. It also is a lot less expensive. We have several agencies that will help you if you will join them. I work whet Wildlife Management Association  WMA for short, there are other ones out there. All you have to do is join, tell the Biologist what you would burn he will come out with you to look it over, then he will make suggestions to you about where he thinks you should build your fire brakes, how wide.Make a burn plan. When everything is agreed with both you an the Biologist and you do what you agreed He will check to see when the weather, and several other things, wind, rain, humidity.The Biologist will bring out other Biologist an equipment, you need to have some people to help also, mainly to help to make sure its where it is supposed to burn, if everyone an the weather works together it will be one the best have more grass fewer trees, weeds.



P.S be nice to have sandwiches or anything to feed the help.

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Safety First What You Should All Ways Keep In Mind

Any job you take on,anything you do. Think, Pay attention,Look around.          If you use apiece of equipment check it out oil level,tire air pressure,if it has  a seat belt put it on. Wear gloves so your hands will not slip as easy,  be sure to check fuel level,check out all the not drive dangerous ,drive only  as fast as you are in complete control.                                                                                                                    SAFETY  FIRST

Specialty if there are other people around .Always stay alert of your surrounding and happening .

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Results From Feeding an Game Management



The best thing to get a good herd of deer is to manage the deer that you have feed at least 12 percent protein feed ,an supplement with corn .Feed all year round not just when you think they they need it, feed more protein during October thru June because that is the time they are supplanting there young.  When you watch them i would not shot any deer that is not at least three year old or older. Shot spikes at 2 1/2  with horns at least 6-7 inches long. At 3 1/2 yrs shot any cull bucks That you don’t want your off spring to look like,there are different options on 3 1/2 year eight pointers . You can go to different web sites and stores to get charts that will help you how to age deer.    PS feed good mineral blocks also.

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Turkey Hunting

Hunting Turkey is a lot of fun.You get to get outside.
You get to see all types of things an animals,Birds,Trees,Brush.
the main thing get there right before daylight, or about hour or
two before sun set.You need to wear comfortable clothes,boots,gloves.
you can just wait on them or you can use a call a box call works good,
or a mouth call,a electrical call are probable work better.
you can take a gun or a Camera.Either way it can fun,take a young
person or female with you you will you will have something to remember.

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