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Hunting coyote is a skill you need patience an a great shot. The best way is to try different ways to hunt.             One way is to use a hand call there are several ones … Continue reading

The Woods for your Peace of Mind

If you get a If  chance to go to the great outdoors do  it. When you go try it when you have done enough things that your mind is not full, relax then go. I like to go by myself … Continue reading


 A place to hunt that have deer of course. A rifle there a lot of different calibers an brands. Clothes including gloves. Boots Knifes Licenses if required Blind There are different types of leases,Day Leases,Yearly, Seasonal,and Government or State Leases. … Continue reading


  I have found out the best way to catch hogs is to trap them there are a lot of traps out there. But i believe the best ones are the ones with no tops on them. That away if … Continue reading


IItThis happens more often than you think.I know I did it once or twice You going hunting the next day be sure you go to bed early no party I know that does not sound good to some hunters but … Continue reading

Walking In The Woods

Walking in the woods is a good thing to do for many reasons  one is you see things you do not see anywhere else .You learn to pay more attention, to whats happening around you,you see many new things, bugs,different … Continue reading

Duck Hunting

                               South Zone Bag limit being no more 5 Mallard 2 hens,3 wood ducks, 2 redheads,1 pintail,2canvasback,1 dusky duck for all other not listed the bag limits 6 The season dusky duck is closed the first 5 days in each … Continue reading

Racoon Hunting & Information

  Raccoons is a good hunting game for exercise an fun. You almost have to hunt them at night with either a spot light or Dogs. they are very cunning, They are also very allusive the can hide in a … Continue reading

Bass Fishing

Bass fishing can be fun for you and the whole family All you need is a couple of rod an reels, lures,tackle box,a stringer for the ones you catch if you going to keep them to eat or you can … Continue reading

Hog Hunting at its Best

Hog hunting is a great sport but a dangerous sport you get them cornered. They will hurt you possible mangle you up, maybe the right rifle or pistol or knife or help or hunt from a great blind. The best … Continue reading