Getting Your Yard Ready For Spring

Its that time of the year to start putting out preemergent. Like Lebanon Balan comes in 40lb. bags and they cost around $34.00 and does about 4,000 square feet.What it does it keeps the grass burrs from germinating. Ten put fertilizer 16-9-4 with 5% Iron if it does not rain,water it according to the instructions on the bag or what the professional at the feed store tells you on your grass so it will bring the grass up so it will cut back on the weeds, grass burrs, if you sow, then in about 6 weeks put out the fertilizer you should have a  good stand of grass check with your local feed store they know what is better for your area.ALWAYS read an follow instructions as close as possible. Too much sometimes is only good for the retailer. You can tell where you missed.Can you tell how it works f you follow the instructions. It works if you make it have enough water, Just remember nobody is perfect ,

I would suggest to do it till you get what you want.



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