Hunting coyote is a skill you need patience an a great shot. The best way is to try different ways to hunt.             One way is to use a hand call there are several ones some work some don’t ,the electric ones work better than the hand held, because you have your hands free they are very  cautious animals.They are fast an hear very well.                The call of a wounded rabbit seem to work better for me.  First thing is to get set up about a half  hour early before sundown. Make sure you are either hide,        behind brush or dead trees. Make sure you have a,wide view.And most important do not move around very little,an be very quite . Be sure you have a good flood light.



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The Woods for your Peace of Mind

If you get a If  chance to go to the great outdoors do  it.

When you go try it when you have done enough things

that your mind is not full, relax then go.

I like to go by myself make sure you are dressed right

Have your boots,gloves,outdoor clothes,water,hat.

Listen to all the sounds you will be surprised at the sounds you will hear,most of the time it will be just you

walking stepping on leaves, sticks or grass. The birds

make beautiful different sounds ,watch them notice

how easy it is for them to move there wings to fly.

Look where you are walking of course ,but look for other thing, animal you might be surprised at what you see.

I take a camera,sometimes i take a lot of pictures than

sometimes not many. But you need to notice how peaceful an if you stop how quiet . You try this an I

When you get up tight you will know how to get peace







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  1.  A place to hunt that have deer of course.
  2. A rifle there a lot of different calibers an brands.
  3. Clothes including gloves.
  4. Boots
  5. Knifes
  6. Licenses if required
  7. Blind

There are different types of leases,Day Leases,Yearly, Seasonal,and Government or State Leases.

Before you purchase a rifle, make sure you get one that you can shot well,

has a good scope,not too heavy,and good brand.many to choose from.

Clothes that you will be warm in because it’s usually cold when it is season.

Gloves that you keep your hand’s warm,so you can move your fingers well.

Boots that are warm, water resistance at least medium height.

Knife that will sharpen well,has a sleeve so you can put it on your belt.

License so you can know the Laws.

Blind so you can keep the weather away as much as possible .


I have found out for me you will probably want to get more than one

caliber depending what type of animal you are going to hunt .

I found 22,243,270 or 308, are the best for me .

A deer blind that is mounted off the ground,  has plenty of room,

Off the ground so it is harder for something else to get in it .

The right size for me is four feet wide eight feet long an six or seven feet tall.

Have two window’s in front, two windows in rear an one window on each end.

A shelve one the front inside of course,so you can put items on.

If you can put one of your window for the rear in the door use Plexiglas.

That you can slide up and down or side ways.

Before you go hunting,|||GO TO THE RIFLE RANGE|||


Check with your friendly  sporting good stores for more advise.


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I have found out the best way to catch hogs is to trap them there are a lot of traps out there.

But i believe the best ones are the ones with no tops on them.

That away if any other animal sets it off maybe they either jump out, or either climb out.

Be sure you check it twice a day or if you can not unset it, or put

Food an water in it. I have found out if you construct a round one they don’t hurt them self as much.

I use t posts an hog panel about 6 feet tall hogs are a very smart animal.

They are smarter than Horses,Dolphins, Monkeys,and Dogs.

As I have said before be very careful wen you go to get out. They can really hurt you.

You may be thinking six foot high,they will use other hogs to get on and jump out.



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IItImage may contain: one or more people and outdoorThis happens more often than you think.I know I did it once or twice

You going hunting the next day be sure you go to bed early no party

I know that does not sound good to some hunters but this may not

happen if you would take a little old advise.

You may dress a little different you don’t

need it you can always  take it off.

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Walking In The Woods

Walking in the woods is a good thing to do for many reasons  one is you

see things you do not see anywhere else .You learn to pay more attention,

to whats happening around you,you see many new things, bugs,different

trees,different animals ,different plants.

You want to wear boots,long sleeve shirts so you don*t get your arms

cut,or stuck there are a lot of things out there that have thorns on them.

You also want to wear a good thick glove because you may want to pick.

Something up,move a branch  out of the way,if you pick up something.

Be sure to mover it with your boot first to make sure there is no snake,

or anything else under it. You can get more help from any sporting

good shops Amazon,Bass Pro,Academy,an there are a lot  more.


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Duck Hunting


South Zone

Bag limit being no more 5 Mallard 2 hens,3 wood ducks,

2 redheads,1 pintail,2canvasback,1 dusky duck for all other not listed the bag

limits 6 The season dusky duck is closed the first 5 days in each zone. Coot

daily bag limit is 15. Possession limit with Gun Three times the  daily limit

Bee sure to check dates for all duck seasons

Nov. 4-26,2017—-Dec.9,2017-Jan.28,2018 Regular Season.

Bag Limit 5 in the aggregate, to include no more than 2 hooded mergansers. Limit with Gun Three times the daily bag limit Regular Season Nov. 4 – 26, 2017 ,Dec.9 2017-Jan28,2018.Falconry Jan.29-Feb.12,2018 possession limit

by Falconry 3 game birds,singly or in aggregate.
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Racoon Hunting & Information

  Raccoons is a good hunting game for exercise an fun. You almost have to hunt them
at night with either a spot light or Dogs. they are
very cunning, They are also very allusive the can
hide in a tree  very well at night.
They came from Japan an Europe.
Life span 2 to 3 years unless I find them.
They are not hard to identify they have gray fur
They have black mask, They also 4 to7 black rings
on there tail  they are found almost everywhere in North America. They are about 12 in tall,24 to39
inches long, They average 23 to 39 pounds.
They eat things like,fish,frogs,fruit,nuts,insects,
They are normally only at night. Have 1 to 6 babies
the little ones usually leave mom around a year old.
They are great climbers ,they can open jars,bottles.
Raccoons like wooded areas but they also,sheds,dens
in hollow trees,abandoned  holes.
The way I hunt them is with a gun an spotlight.
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Bass Fishing

Bass fishing can be fun for you and the whole family All you need is a couple of rod an reels, lures,tackle box,a stringer for the ones you catch if you going to keep them to eat or you can do as I do let go. I found best for me was a black with red tail an medium hook. a great way to spend time with your children or grand children memory’s.                                                                                      

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Hog Hunting at its Best

Hog hunting is a great sport but a dangerous sport you get them cornered. They will hurt you possible mangle you up, maybe the right rifle or pistol or knife or help or hunt from a great blind. The best way I found to hunt hogs is to trap them. Then you can do with them whatever you want.


If you shoot one make sure it is killed before you handle it.

We the Hunters of the United States ought to kill as many as we can they are every where in all states except Alaska  about 7 million in Texas alone and increasing every month.

They are everywhere it is estimated around 2 million dollars in damage

a year to crops.


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