Prescribed Burn Before an After

Burning is a great way to get rid of your evasive grasses and trees you do not want. It is much better than mechanical way like bulldozing because you will not disturb the soil. It also is a lot less expensive. We have several agencies that will help you if you will join them. I work whet Wildlife Management Association  WMA for short, there are other ones out there. All you have to do is join, tell the Biologist what you would burn he will come out with you to look it over, then he will make suggestions to you about where he thinks you should build your fire brakes, how wide.Make a burn plan. When everything is agreed with both you an the Biologist and you do what you agreed He will check to see when the weather, and several other things, wind, rain, humidity.The Biologist will bring out other Biologist an equipment, you need to have some people to help also, mainly to help to make sure its where it is supposed to burn, if everyone an the weather works together it will be one the best have more grass fewer trees, weeds.



P.S be nice to have sandwiches or anything to feed the help.

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