The Right Archery Setup for Black Tail Hunting

Big mature blacktails are wise, cunning and very wary animals. They are definitely a trophy for any serious bowhunter who is up for a real challenge. Sometimes we return from a hunt with an unpunched tag, but sometimes we return and rejoice in success with memories that will last a lifetime.

I’m a firm believer in getting the job done with the right equipment. When it comes to big game hunting, a properly spined arrow with a razor-sharp broadhead is a must to ensure success.

About a year ago, I changed over from a very popular arrow brand which I had used for years to Gold Tip’s Pro Hunter series and equipped it with a 100-grain G5. I’m very impressed with this combination as it has proven itself in the field by taking down everything from big blacktail and mule deer bucks to the largest African plains game animals with complete penetration. Shot placement is crucial, but penetration is also needed to ensure a quick and humane kill.

More kinetic energy equals better penetration. Your bow and arrow setup may be fast, but is it producing the correct amount of foot pounds of energy? The bigger the game, the more kinetic energy needed. Kinetic energy is a factor of weight and speed generated by the projection of your arrow from your bow. My bow is set at 73 pounds of draw weight when shooting my 402-grain arrows. The kinetic energy in that this lethal combination produces has more than enough penetrating power for most big game animals.

In my opinion, using a slightly heavier arrow with a cut-on-impact fixed-blade broadhead is definitely the way to go when dealing with penetration. The proper equipment and the confidence you get from it will make all the difference on your next hunt.



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